Established in 2016 by Ugandan born artist Benon Lutaaya, THE PROJECT SPACE (TPS) is a non-profit cultural laboratory dedicated to the advancement of contemporary African art, and the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship among young Africans. Its an institutional platform centered on creating spaces and improving opportunities for African artists and young entrepreneurs.


The Space embodies values of patronage as a context and framework to encourage creativity, innovation, collaboration, resource-sharing and cultural production among contemporary African artists, and creative entrepreneurs especially women - with a special focus on self-sustainability. We are building a ' FIRST' in the contemporary art world; a non-profit cultural platform that doesn't rely on public funds or corporate begging to offer its uncompromising support to artists with an X- FACTOR in them. 

Our strategy and future programming stems from the knowledge that art and business are not separate; rather, understanding business is vital for growing the visual arts; creating spaces, expanding markets and opportunities for art, and artists to thrive.



- Statistically, only 12% of women make a living from creating art in South Africa - 2010 national statistical study by the department of Arts and Culture. Of which; 9% are White and 3% are Blacks, Coloreds and Indians combined.


 - According to the Small Business Institute (SBI) report, 2018/2019, small businesses continue to be as economically fragile as they were over two decades ago, with some 70% of emerging small businesses failing within their first two years of operation.

This is how THE PROJECT SPACE, its Young Female Residency Award  and Entrepreneurs residency were born, to not only address this phenomenal but prompt further discourse and action from a wider community. Through its programs, and in collaboration with established local and international partner cultural institutions, THE PROJECT SPACE provides lengthy mentorship residencies, increase access to networks, markets and audiences particularly for female African artists.

Located within the heart of the Johannesburg City, THE PROJECT SPACE lies within a dynamic, and creative August House community that houses over 50 emerging, mid-career and established artists, and extends to another uniquely integrated creative urban complex, the Victoria Yards 

All studio spaces are equipped with 24/7 Advanced LTE WiFi internet, Premium DSTV entertainment, a projector, WiFi connectable office printer, furnished lounge & dinning spaces, furnished private en-suite bedrooms with cooling & heating, fully equipped kitchen, a water dispenser, coffee machine, a blender & Juicer, 2 public and 1 private toilets & shower room, private access to the roof-top with amazing Johannesburg city views. The place can host 20 - 25 people (all seated) for workshop purposes.