Clement Garnung (Senegal/France)

September 12, 2017

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artists in residence
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Sheekha Kalan (South Africa)

Kalan's 6 months residency culminated into a body of work that is still very much linked to the theme she explored in 2015  "Atmān" - “the self as the subject of individual consciousness, the soul, the supreme personal principle of life in the universe”. Exploring space, perception and an inner world has been central to her work. The expression of consciousness (energy) translates into works on canvas, embroidery material and transparent plastic using radiant colours, thread and cotton material.


The works display the integration of the material and abstract through washes of colour and hand-stitching as well as experimenting with the limits of 2-D and 3-D space. In essence, the works depict the process of drawing out from the invisible into the visible, personally awakening a stronger perception of the life force that can be termed the ātmān.

Sheeka had a very successful exhibition with Lizamore & Associates Gallery. And will travel to France in 2018 to take up her international artist residency with SAFFCA.


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