Clement Garnung (Senegal/France)

September 12, 2017

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artists in residence
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Alka Dass (South Africa)

Alka Dass is a young South African artist based in Durban, a graduate of Durban University of Technology. She works predominantly within sculpture and painting, and her work looks at gender equalities.


Her interests lie in female identity and gender equality, as well as the problematic relationships women have with their bodies and how its’ affected by the other. Extreme scrutiny is placed upon society’s obsession, lust and angst on the female form. How the natural state can be seen as disgusting. This is what she portrays in her work. She musters women from different walks of life in her production.


These interactions are what makes her art come alive. She feels her creations speak more about the woman around her (strangers, friends, family) than they do about her own opinion only. Selfless and whole,  She would like to empower women
through her art.

Her art making has extreme paradoxes in its construction; She prefers her work to have a slight grotesque aesthetic. She implements it by framing most of these works in an unsullied mounting. Her work takes form in mixed media, found objects, photo manipulation and sculpture. Repetition and anti-aesthetic play narrative in her pieces. She works predominately with keeping to a warm tone colour palette. She draws inspiration from: Frances Goodman, Guerrilla Girls, Barbara Kruger and Tracey Emin.

Alka Dass is in a 6 Months Residency at the Bag Factory Artists' Studios in Johannesburg till December 2017, and then, will be in Europe with SAFFCA Residency for a period of 10 weeks in the summer of 2018.

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