Clement Garnung (Senegal/France)

September 12, 2017

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artists in residence
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Anastasia Pather - 2018 Young Female Residency Award fellow (South Africa)

July 1, 2018

Anastasia Pather is a reluctant artist, finger painter and female excited by innuendo and the cross meanings things. Concerned with surface, gender and the Indian 'aesthetic' Pather considers perceptions of value, exoticism and eroticism through the architecture of 'memory' and the politics of colour.

Born in 1987, she is yet to understand the formulaic act of an artist biography or CV's as anything other than proving you should be liked because someone has previously liked you. And, although, she has many thoughts swimming in her head Pather often finds conceptual rants and artist 'statements' for artworks which are presumably statements in themselves not much more than another wank. Anastasia paints in Johannesburg and has had two solo shows at 99 Loop, Cape Town (2016, 2017).


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